Structure of the RUE 'Institute for Fruit Growing'

Senior Staff:

Director of the Institute: Vyacheslav A. SAMUS

Deputy Director on Science Work: Anatoliy M. KRIVOROT

Deputy Director on Marketing Questions:

Scientific Secretary: Marina S. SHALKEVICH

Accountant General: Mariya I. KUGACH

Chief Engineer:

Chief Power Engineering Specialist: Alexander N. KOVALEV

Key Personnel Officer: Zoya E. VITKOVSKAYA

Office Manager: Tatiyana N. BOIKO

Key Legal Adviser: Gennadiy P. VASILEVICH

Scientific Subdivisions:

The Nursery Growing Department

The Biotechnology Department

The Fruit Plants Breeding Department

The Small Fruit Plants Growing Department

The Fruit Growing Technology Department

The Storage and Processing Department

The Bee-Keeping Laboratory

The Introduction and Marketing Department

Service Departments:

The Scientific and Technical Information and Foreign Connections Department and Library

The Accounting and Planning Department

The Automobile and Tractor Garage

The General Service Department


Ул. Ковалёва, 2,

223013, аг. Самохваловичи,

Минский район, Минская область, Республика Беларусь.

Телефакс: +375 17 506 61 40, +375 17 506 64 08.