РУП Институт плодоводства

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The nature of Belarus is determined by its territory location on the west of the Russian plain, between latitude 51 and 56° North and longitude 23 and 33° East, in temperate zone on the way of air mass movement from the Atlantic. The climate is temperate and continental and it is characterized by warm and damp winter, comparatively cool and rainy summer, wet autumn and sunny but broken weather in spring.



Systematical scientific research work in the fruit growing sphere in Belarus got wide development in the twenties of the XXth century. Its beginning was connected with the creation of the first in the Republic specialized scientific research organization in the fruit growing sphere, nowadays it is the RUE ‘Institute for Fruit Growing’. It was created by the initiative of N.I. Vavilov, an academician,  on the 10th of October 1925 near Minsk city in the state farm ‘Loshitsa-I’ of the Belarusian division of the All-USSR Institute of the Applied Botany and New Crops which was the first specialized scientific-research organization in the fruit growing sphere in the Republic. The division played a great role in the study of  the world collections of fruit and small fruit plants and their congeners. For the period from 1925 to 1931 breeds and varieties which belonged to different ecological and geographical groups and also representatives of wild and mother forms all together more than 3000 variety samples including 500 on apple tree from major fruit regions of USSR and 47 ones from foreign countries were collected by A.E. Syubarov and E.P. Syubarova.


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