Head of the department: 
  Pavel A.TURBIN,
  Tel.: +375 (17) 506 62 24

Deputy of the head of the department:
N.G. KAPICHNIKOVA, key scientific associate,
Cand. Ag. Sc., associate professor.
Tel.: + 375 (17) 506 61 44
Department staff:.
T.V. RYABTSEVA, key scientific associate,
Cand. Ag. Sc. 
junior scientific associates;
T.V. Radkevich, M.S. Kovaleva
assistants of junior scientific associates
Tel.: +375 (17) 506 61 46.


Scientific research directions:

Improving and working out environmentally safe and resource-saving technologies of fruit crops growing on the basis of:

  Creation of effective one lined constructions of fruit crops plantations on clonal stocks using varieties and hybrids of Belarusian breeding: apple tree on super dwarf (PB-4) and dwarf (62-396 and M9) stocks with support by the scheme 3 x 0.5-1 m (6666 and 3333 trees/ha); on semi dwarf stocks (54-118, 106-13) without support by the scheme 3 x 1-1.2 m (3333 and 2778 trees/ha) with the yield of 40-45 t/ha and commercial yield of not lower than 95%; pear tree by the scheme 3 x 1-1.5 m (3333 and 2222 trees/ha) with the yield of 20-22 t/ha; plum tree by the scheme 3x 2 m (1666 trees/ha) with the yield of 20-25 t/ha; cherry and sweet cherry tree by the scheme 3x 1.5 m (2222 trees/ha) with the yield of 20-22 t/ha;

  Study of care methods for near wellbore area to maintain and improve soil fertility, to increase yield and to improve fruit quality;

  Study of fruit crops reaction on technological training methods (breaking out shoots, trimming roots, trimming body of a tree, pruning in summer period and straightening) to advance coming into bearing and to reduce a tree growth vigour;

  Working out nutrition system of fruit crops on clonal stocks: influence of foliar water-soluble fertilizing, macro and micro mineral elements, growth regulators on yield, fruit quality (fruit size increase, colour improvement, storage, early fruit shedding) to elongate harvest time and storage length; regulation of yield load; maximal biologization and mechanization of production process of fruit growing products;

  Economic estimation of fruiting resource in orchards of different intensity;

Working out applied-research technological regulations of apple, pear, plum, cherry and sweet cherry production.

Offers to production and amateur horticulture:  

Environmentally safe fruit production technology in intense orchard in supported and unsupported variants ensuring stable yield getting:

  - Apple orchards with 30 t/ha and commercial yield of not lower than 95%;

  - Pear narrow-row orchards on clonal stocks with 15-18 t/ha;

  - Orchards of stone crops on clonal stocks with 16-18 t/ha.  


                                                                                                          Intensive supported orchard      Unsupported orchard ('Byelorusskoye sladkoye'
                                                                                                                          ('Antey'on dwarf                    on semi-dwarf 
                                                                                                                           rootstock 62-396)                rootstock 57-545)