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Museum Director:

Nadezhda G. Kapichnikova,

Сand. Agr. Sc., associate professor

Tel.: +375 (17) 506 61 44.


The museum was found out on the 10th of October 1995 on the 70th Institute anniversary. It is located in the main building of the Instiutute. Subject and chronological approach was taken as an exposition basis. It consists from five major parts and reproduces fruit growing development on Belarus territory from the XI century to the present days.

Archive materials of XVI, XVIII-XX centuries were introduced for the first time into the scientific circulation and  were presented widely. The materials are from the funds of the National history archive and the scientific Belarus organizations archives, Saint Petersburg archive of the scientific technical documentation, Poland museum of agriculture history and agricultural industry in Poznan and also from libraries of the Republic and private collections.

The scientific fruit growing development is reproduced there in details. It is reflected there the scientific work of the researchers and practitioners such as D. and K. Monyushko, V. El'ski, Ya. Narkevich-Lodko, professor Zh. Zhiliber, E. Rego, S. Yundzilla, M.Burshtein, founders of fruit and small fruit crops domestic breeding such as Dr.-s of Ag. Sc. A.E. and E.P. Syubarov's, professor A.G. Voluznev, notable fruit growing scientist professor A.S. Devyatov and many other well-known scientists of Belarus.


The exposition start of the Museum of Belarus Fruit Growing History






Ул. Ковалёва, 2,

223013, аг. Самохваловичи,

Минский район, Минская область, Республика Беларусь.

Телефакс: +375 17 506 61 40, +375 17 506 64 08.