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About the library


The library of the Institute of Fruit Growing RUP has existed since 1946. The main collection of the library consists of 46,803 copies of literature, of which 27,774 books and 19,029 journals. The library presents the latest scientific papers collected over many years in sections that are the scientific basis of agriculture: plant biology and physiology, genetics, soil science, agrochemistry, etc. As a major, the section on fruit production is constantly formed and constantly replenished with a multifaceted range of issues industry. Reference Information Fund is represented by encyclopedias, reference books on various branches of knowledge (on paper and electronic media). The replenishment of the main fund of the library (on paper and electronic media) is carried out through international book exchange, visits to book exhibitions and through the retail network of bookstores.


Informational resources


 1. The main fund of the library.
The main collection of the library consists of 46,803 copies of literature, of which 27,774 books and 19,029 journals. Since 2002, the electronic catalog of the library has been maintained, where new arrivals are being made.
The library fund of previous years is reflected in the alphabetical and systematic catalogs and card files: a card file of articles from the available journals and collections in the fund; card file of works of academies, universities, research institutions, agricultural universities, experimental stations, botanical gardens; card index of publications in foreign languages; card file of dissertations, abstracts, photocopies.
2. Access to information using the IRBIS automated library system.
The users are offered three electronic catalogs: Belal - the electronic catalog of the Belarusian Agricultural Library (BelAL) - 285500 records, Rosplod - the electronic catalog of the Central Scientific Agricultural Library of Russia (CSAL) for fruit growing - 53500 records, NIIP - electronic library of the Institute - 14500 records.
For the period from 2000 to 2008 there are collections of bibliographic sources from the world databases on fruit growing (AGRIS, AGRICOLA, CAB Abstracts, FSTA) in the form of text files that the institute library received quarterly from Bel AHB.
3. Obtaining information through remote maintenance (ILL).
4. Access to reference and information resources via the Internet.


 Information Services
1. Organization, provision of information retrieval on the basis of the library main fund and issuance of documents on the hands of a personal subscription.
2. Free access at the user's workplace to Belal (BelAL) electronic catalogs, AGROS (TsNSHB of Russia), NIIP (Institute of Horticulture) and collections of materials from the world fruit production databases (AGRIS, AGRICOLA, CAB Abstracts, FSTA) in as text files.
3. Provision of remote service (ILL) through BelAL.
4. Organization and provision of access to information resources via the Internet.
5. Formation of permanent requests in Russian and English. Under a contract with BelAHB, employee requests were submitted for distribution in the EBSCO databases (CAB Abstracts, Agricola, FSTA and AGRIS, etc .; over 10 databases). Having studied the received bibliographic information, the user can order the full texts of the documents he needs and receive them in e-mail mode.
6. Scanning, photocopying documents.
7. Indexing by UDC of works of employees of the institute.


Partners of the library on international book exchange (as of 05/01/2018)




GU "Main State Inspectorate for seed production, quarantine and plant protection" 

EE "Grodno State Agrarian University"

EE "Minsk State Regional College"

EE "Liakhovichsky State Agrarian College"

EE "Zhilichsky State Agrarian College"

RUE “Grodno Zonal Institute of Plant Industry of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”

RUE "Brest OSHOS NAS of Belarus"

RUE "Gomel OSHOS NAS of Belarus"



Research Institute for Horticulture and Tea
Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan



YuLPP Scientific Research Center of Agriculture (Tbilisi)



Instytut Ogrodnictwa (Research Institute of Horticulture), Skierniewice


Russian Federation

Northwest region

All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Industry name of N.I. Vavilova


Central region

All-Russian Selection and Technological Institute of Horticulture and Nursery


Central Black Earth Region

Institute of Gardening name of  I.V. Michurin

North Caucasus region

All-Russian Research Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking name of  Potapenko


Tavrichesky State Agrotechnological University


Collected Articles 'Fruit Growing'


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