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Scientific and scientific-innovation main directions

of the Institute activity

— Breeding and introduction of fruit, small fruit, nut bearing and vine crops and their rootstocks.

— Genetic resources bank creation of fruit, small fruit, nut bearing and vine crops for practical use in breeding, production and intergovernmental exchange.

— Development and improvement of fruit and small fruit technologies production, storage and processing.

— Diagnostics of virus, virus-like and bacterial pathogens and basic collection creation of virus-free plants.

— Technologies working out and improvement as well as production of invigorated planting material.

— Breeding improvement of pedigree characters and production properties of bees; technologies improvement of their keeping and use.

— Working out republican standards on planting material, raw material of fruit and small fruit crops and products of their processing.

— Working out scientific and economic prognoses and complex programmes for fruit growing and bee keeping development in the Republic of Belarus.

— Design and establishment of orchards and berry-fields.

— Accomplishment of patent-license and inventive work, propagandizing broadly scientific research results via information, advertising and publishing activities.


Ул. Ковалёва, 2,

223013, аг. Самохваловичи,

Минский район, Минская область, Республика Беларусь.

Телефакс: +375 17 506 61 40, +375 17 506 64 08.