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The Post Graduate Course of the RUE 'Institute for Fruit Growing'

The postgraduate study of the Institute of Fruit Growing RUE (with and without production) was opened in accordance with the order of the State Committee on Public Education of the USSR No. 362 of 07/31/1991

Reception of citizens for training in the postgraduate course of the Institute of Fruit Production in the specialty 06.01.05 - selection and seed production of agricultural plants (agricultural science) and 06.01.10 - fruit growing (agricultural science) is carried out at the expense of the republican budget and at the expense of extrabudgetary funds from physical and or) legal entities.

The term for postgraduate education of the first stage (postgraduate) is:

in full-time education - no more than three years,
in correspondence form of education - no more than four years,
in the form of competition - no more than five years.

Responsible for conducting postgraduate studies: Kolbanova Elena Vyacheslavovna, Cand. biol. Sciences, Head. lab diagnostics department of biotechnology, tel. 506-66-84

 ACCEPTANCE OF DOCUMENTS will be carried out by the selection committee from August 1 to September 30 of the current year at the address: ag. Samokhvalovichi, st. Kovaleva, 2, tel. 506-66-84.

 DATES OF THE INITIATIVE EXAMINATIONS for special disciplines - from October 9 to 13 of the current year.

 The beginning of studies in graduate school - November 1 of the current year.

Admission to the graduate school of the Republican Unitary Enterprise “Institute for Fruit Growing” in 2018 is not planned.

The plan-forecast for admission to the graduate school of the Institute of Horticulture RUE for 2019: 1 unit in the specialty 06.01.05 - selection and seed production of agricultural plants (in the form of application) and 1 unit in the specialty 06.01.10 - fruit-growing (full-time education).

The list of regulatory documents on postgraduate studies:

Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of December 1, 2011. N 561 On some issues of training and certification of highly qualified scientists

RESOLUTION OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS July 28, 2011 N 1016 On the regulation of certain issues in the field of training highly qualified scientific workers




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